Albany Park

Albany Park Neighbors – With more than 500 members/readers, this group brings together residents, officials, and other organizations to tackle issues that affect all who live in this vibrant, diverse community Issue areas include business development, litter and beautification, pedestrian safety and mass transit, and more. APN is open to all who consider themselves Albany Parkers, but specific boundaries reach from Foster to Montrose, Pulaski to the river. Facebook | Website

West River Park Neighbors – This groups mission is to bring residents, building owners, and business owners together to promote a safe and beautiful neighborhood in which to live, work, and play. WRPN is focused on the area bounded by Foster Ave., Kedzie Ave., Lawrence Ave., and the Chicago river. Facebook

People of East Albany Park – This block club is aimed at residents within Montrose to Wilson, Kedzie to Whipple. Most discussions are facilitated through a mailing list. Join by emailing Facebook


North Mayfair Improvement Association – Description and boundaries pending.

Mayfair Civic Association – This organization is made up of Mayfair neighbors coming together to help make the community a better place. No stated boundaries. Website

Hollywood-North Park

Hollywood North Park Community Association – HPNCA strivse to keep you informed of local issues and events and be a liaison to elected officials and local agencies. It also provides activities and gatherings that foster “neighbor meeting neighbor” believing this is an important way to keep the neighborhood a friendly, safe, and economically stable place to enjoy life and do business. Peterson to the North Branch of the river, Pulaski to the North Shore Channel. Website

Not sure if it’s still active, but there is a Brynford Park Community Association—The Brynford Park Community Association is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian organization committed to connecting neighbors and caring for our community. Website | Facebook

Irving Park/Horner Park

The Residents of Irving Park (TRIP) – TRIP is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that represents the common interest of its residents with regard to community organization, social activities, neighborhood clean-up, and business development. Boundaries are from Montrose to Irving Park, Monticello to Sacramento. Website | Facebook

Irving Park East Neighborhood Association – The group promotes a safe, beautiful and thriving community. Irving Park East claims the boundaries of Irving Park to Addison. California to Kimball. Facebook | Website

Greater Independence Park Neighborhood Association – The Greater Independence Park Neighborhood Association, GIPNA, is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in the Independence Park community by involving, informing and encouraging people to participate in matters relating to the community, and by protecting the historical, social, cultural, and architectural character of the neighborhood. Boundaries are Irving Park to the Kennedy Expressway, Pulaski to Central Park. Website

West Walker Neighborhood Association – The objective of this organization is to obtain the desired improvements and safeguards for the civic welfare of the property owners, licensed business owners, and residents. Focuses on Pulaski to Central Park, Montrose to Irving Park. Website

Horner Park West Neighborhood Association – This group helps residents deal with problems they might have, or that they see developing. It serves as a liaison for the neighborhood with the alderman’s office, Chicago Police and other civic organizations.HPWNA represents the neighborhood bounded by Montrose, California, Irving Park and Sacramento. Website | Facebook