Monthly Member Meeting Notes - March 2018

Date and Place of Meeting:

27 March 2018 at Bikes N Roses, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.


The Board: Jessica Bouboulis (President), Sarah Betterton (Vice President), Laura Kehoe (Vice President), Eric Filson (Treasurer), Monica Wanat (Secretary)

Others: At least 15 people signed in.

  1. Officer Reports
  • None given.

II. Organizational Overview and Discussion

  • Five new people attended. Four people signed a membership form (individual).
  • APN members (who signed up by the end of the March meeting) will be surveyed to ask what does/should it mean to be a member of APN, what types of projects should APN support/fund, and what organizations exist within or support residents of APN. This survey will be sent around April 10, to be discussed by the APN board and voting by APN members at the Spring member meeting.

III. Invited Speakers

There were no invited speakers at the meeting. However, Albany Park residents who are running for Local School Council community representative positions were given an opportunity to introduce themselves to attendees. Those LSC candidates are:

  • Eric Filson (Hibbard Elementary)
  • Lauren Sivak (Albany Park Multicultural Center)
  • Steve Spangnolo (Roosevelt High School)
  • AJ Taylor (Roosevelt High School)

CPD District 17 Commander Moss will be attending the April meeting as a meet and greet.

IV. Announcements and Updates

  1. APN-Driven
  • APN’s revamped website should launch in early April. It can be used for residents or interested parties to get a hold of APN (outside of FB).
  • All Hands Albany Park - see FB page
  • AP Book Club - Meeting April 18, reading “The Warrior Woman” by Maxine Hong Kingston - see FB group
  • Little Free Libraries - no updates
  • Wilson /Pulaski lot - no updates
  • Adopt a Parkway - No update.
  • Litter pickup - Everyone encouraged to cleanup monthly. Gathering information about area Earth Day events (April 21-22). Anyone who knows of any spring cleanup events should email so APN can help promote.
  • Jobs Club - Attendees were surveyed to determine if a “jobs club” should be formed for any job seekers to gather, share information, offer encouragement, and keep each other on task. More info to follow as it becomes available. Anyone interested in joining should contact APN at
  • April 28-29, collaboration between NRC/Albany Park Dines , Chicago for Chicagoans, North Branch Projects and Bikes N Roses to host another Taste Tour of Albany Park. Limited Tickets!

2. Informative or New Opportunities

3. General Announcements

  1. Chicago Police Department - CAPS beat meeting dates have changed. Check their calendar for the most up to date info. If residents are unable to attend their CAPS beat meeting, they should consider attending a different beat meeting instead.

17th District CAPS and Public Safety Meetings - note CAPS meeting changes

1711 & 1712

  • N of Lawrence, W of Kimball
  • Mayfair Church at Salvation Army
  • Monthly
  • 4th Wednesdays
  • 7:30pm


  • Wilson-Foster, River-Kimball
  • Magnuson Center at North Park Univ.
  • Odd # Months
  • 4th Tuesdays
  • 7:00 pm

1722 & 1723

  • N of Irving, W of Kimball
  • Community Room at 17th District
  • Monthly
  • 3rd Wednesdays
  • 7:00pm


  • Irving-Wilson, River-Kimball
  • Horner Park
  • Odd # Months
  • 3rd Tuesdays
  • 7:00pm
  1. Chicago Public Schools - Local School Council elections

Elections for local school councils are going to be held April 17-18. LSC’s meet monthly and approve the school’s budget, keep the school on track to meet its goals, promote the school, and connect the community with the school. The more involved parents and community residents are with their local schools, the better schools are likely to perform.

April 18, 6am to 7pm

  • Albany Park Multicultural Center
  • Henry Elementary
  • Hibbard Elementary
  • Volta Elementary

April 19, 6am to 7pm

  • Roosevelt High School
  • Von Steuben High School
  1. NRC

    • Housing Committee - next Community Conversation meeting April 3, NEIU, 630 pm. Topic: affordable housing
    • Education Committee - Check out their 5 Fast Facts about schools in the northwest part of the city. Used to share and promote information about schools.
    • Destination Albany Park, Irving Park, and North Park - check out local restaurants and businesses on this wonderful area map.
    • Taste of Albany Park - This event by the NRC/Albany Park Chamber of Commerce is scheduled for the weekend of April 28-29. Tickets will be available soon for the restaurant walk; last year they sold out quickly. A neighborhood tour hosted by Chicago for Chicagoans is also in the works. North Branch Projects will also be coordinating bookbinding activities for this event.
  2. Library Events

    • There are many events for adults, youth, and children at local Chicago libraries. Check out the Albany Park Library page to find out more about events.
    • One Book, One Chicago Events citywide
    • Friends of AP Library Mtg April 14, 11am
  3. Parks and Preserves

There are many events for adults, youth, and children at local parks.

Area parks are:


  • River Park Dam Removal, Argyle path closed for 2 weeks
  • Triangle Park Fundraiser Mar 29, 6pm Marie's
  • Eugene Field Open House April 17, 6:30-8
  1. Other

    • April 2, 10am, APCC - Cook County Trafficking Taskforce Community Training (re human trafficking)
    • AP Theater Project - Tickets on Sale for Ofrenda
    • 2nd Story - April 2, 630, Nighthawk - celebrating its 19th Anniversary and fundraising. Look for other events in and around AP over the summer.