Date and Place of Meeting:

23 January 2018 at Tortugas, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.


The Board: Sarah Betterton (Vice President), Laura Kehoe (Vice President), Eric Filson (Treasurer), Monica Wanat (Secretary), Maryam Altena (Community Outreach)

Others: At least 12 people signed in.

  1. Officer Reports
  • Not given due to time restriction.

II. Organizational Overview

  • No new members present. Overview not needed.

III. Invited Speakers

Congressman Quigley (US-IL-5) spoke to attendees about the investigation into Russia influencing the US election. He indicated that he anticipated a lot of activity in the next few weeks and that people may want to follow reliable news sources during that time.

IV. Announcements and Updates

  1. APN-Driven
  • All Hands Albany Park - see FB page
  • AP Book Club - see FB group
  • Little Free Libraries - no updates
  • Wilson /Pulaski lot - The city owns an empty lot. APN approached the 35th Ward alderman to ask if APN (possibly with the American Indian Center) could use the land for a community garden. Additional APN decisions need to be made before the city will grant access to the land.
  • Adopt a Parkway - No update.
  • Language Club - See FB page.
  • Litter pickup - to continue to promote.
  • Women’s March - APN joined with Bikes N Roses to form a group to attend the Women’s March in Chicago on Jan. 20. Approximately 15 people joined the group. The organizer reached out to multiple organizations in the AP area to spread the word. In conjunction with this, the organizer worked with Brazilian Bowl, where 15% of sales (when someone indicated they code Women’s March) were donated the Women’s March organizers; approximately $45 was raised and donated.

2. Informative or New Opportunities

  • Zoning and business updates

    • Blanz Pantry - 33rd Ward held a public safety meeting related to issues of drunken behavior in the area around Blanz Pantry at Kedzie and Eastwood. The meeting was well attended and included representatives from the Chicago Police Department, HUD, city family support services, and Catholic Charities. Blanz pantry has agreed to stop selling malt liquor in general and to refuse all alcohol sales to known offenders. They have also agreed to hire security guards and trim trees that could block their view of loiterers. If people see any drunken behavior, they should call 911 + the alderman’s office to report the incident; for their own safety, they should not engage with the person.

3. General Announcements

Chicago Police Department - Commander Volgaris has been reassigned to the Office of Emergency Communication. The new commander will be Susan E Moss, who is as a 30-year veteran of the Department, mostly in the Bureau of Patrol. She has most recently served as a Watch Operations Lieutenant in the 12th(Near West) District. As a Lieutenant, Moss also served in tactical, field, and community policing functions. She holds a Bachelor's Degree from Western Illinois University.

Chicago Public Schools - Haugan and Henry Schools

At the meeting to discuss Haugan/Henry Elementary Schools boundary changes, attendees discussed CPS’ proposals impacting both schools that would be voted on by the Chicago Board of Education as early as February 2018. Attendees were supportive of the proposed changes, and seemed aware of each schools’ intent to serve future 7th and 8th graders. Henry Elementary students gave a presentation about their pride in the school and excitement to welcome future 7th and 8th graders.


SY 2018-19

  • Adjust Haugan and Henry attendance areas to include 7th grade
  • Adjust Roosevelt attendance area to no longer serve new 7th graders

SY 2019-20

  • Adjust Haugan and Henry attendance areas to include 8th grade
  • Adjust Roosevelt attendance area to no longer serve new 8th graders/return to 9-12

SY 2020-21

  • Henry Elementary School serves pre-K through 8 with revised attendance area
  • Haugan Elementary School serves pre-K through 8 with revised attendance area
  • Roosevelt High School serves 9-12

Jensen Park Organization

  • Holding a public safety /anti-gang walk on Jan 28, 5pm, meeting at Lawrence and Central Park.


  • Friends of Fundraising Workshop - Jan 25
  • Membership Council Meeting - Feb 6, open to public.

Library Events

  • Jan 27, pm, AP Library - Loving the EARTH More: Art Workshop with Nnenna Okore

Parks and Preserves

  • Feb 9 - Family Valentines Dance at Horner Park, 630 pm

Other Events - All

  • General fundraising for Von Steuben Robotics team to attend nationals.
  • Jan 26 - CPS Public Hearing re Haugan - Henry - Roosevelt (42 W Madison Street - 430 pm
  • Feb 10 at Surge Billiards - Fundraiser for Halcyon Theater
  • Feb 19 - Poetry Night at Nighthawk