CAPS-Community Alternative Policing Strategy

Please attend your beat’s CAPS meeting and report what you’ve learned to If you regularly attend your beat meeting and are interested in becoming a liaison for our group, we’d love to hear from you.

In addition to attending beat meetings, you can keep up with the 17th District’s CAPS team by emailing them, following them on Twitter or visiting the 17th District’s Website.

Find your 2018 beat and beat meetings on this 17th District map, use the Find My District (and beat) tool or call 312-742-4410 to confirm your beat.

Beat 1712 – Kimball (E) to Cicero (W) and northside of Lawrence (S) to Bryn Mawr. At Kimball and Foster, the Eastern border becomes the Chicago River. Combined with Beat 1711 (north of Bryn Mawr to city-limits) on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm, 5020 N Pulaski Road in the Mayfair Community Church in the back of the Salvation Army Center.

Beat 1713 – Chicago River (E) to Kimball (W) and northside of Wilson (S) to Foster (N) Meets on the fourth Tuesdays of odd numbered months at 7pm, 5000 N Spaulding in North Park University’s Magnuson Center, courtyard entrance.

Beat 1723 – Kimball (E) to Pulaski (W) and Irving Park (S) to southside of Lawrence (N).  Combined with Beat 1722 (west of Pulaski to Cicero) Meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm, 4650 N. Pulaski Road in the 17th District community room.

Beat 1724 – Chicago River (E) to Kimball (W) and Irving Park (S) to southside of Wilson (N). Meets on the third Tuesdays of odd number months at 7pm, 2741 W. Montrose at Horner Park Fieldhouse.

How Can I Get Involved?

The Chicago Police Department has many ways to get involved. Learn about some of the subcommittees and initiatives at the 17th District.

17th District Subcommittees

Contact the below CAPS officers to get involved or learn more at 312-742-4588

Court Advocacy: Officer Hamid
Domestic Violence: Officer Mary Jane Parks

Seniors: Officer Anna Grassi or Mary Jane Parks

17th District Youth Programs
Contact Officer Jerry Sanders at 312-742-4588 to learn more about these programs, and ask about youth or adult volunteer needs

Peer Jury (Monthly)
After-School Program (Thursdays 4-5pm)

How Can I Get to Know My Block Better?
There are some great recommendations from the Chicago Police Department to make your block and your neighborhood better for everyone. If any of these topics interest you, or you’ve had success with them before, let us know. Sometimes it takes one curious, determined neighbor or household to get some activities started and see their block become a better home for everyone.

  • Conduct a neighborhood canvas
  • Organize a neighborhood clean-up
  • Organize an alley numbering project
  • Establish a phone tree
  • Organize a neighborhood resource day
  • Work on problem buildings
  • Start a neighborhood garden
  • Become a Court Advocate
  • Organize field trips
  • Celebrate