At-Large Board Members

At-large board members volunteer to provide specialized or general support to Albany Park Neighbors and represent diverse needs and interests of individuals or organizations engaged in the community.

At-large board members are non-elected, non-voting volunteer positions open to any member of Albany Park Neighbors in good standing. Individuals may apply for available positions when the elected officials solicit applications, or upon written/electronic request to an elected official of Albany Park Neighbors. A quorum of elected officials will review and approve applications.


  • Participate in at least two committee meeting(s), at-large board-members meeting(s) or external meetings on-behalf of APN annually*.
  • Volunteer in at least one Albany Park Neighbors developed event annually*.
  • If a member or officer of another entity in Albany Park, be able to share relevant information with Albany Park Neighbors and on behalf of Albany Park Neighbors.
  • Serve a minimum of one year and no more than two consecutive years.
  • Love Albany Park.

*annually, for these purposes, means 12 months after the month your term begins.